Remote Patient Monitoring Made Affordable and Accessible with Vive RPM

Provide proactive care for those in need

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Results With the Vive RPM Platform

14% lower systolic values

for users with hypertension

13% lower diastolic values

for users with hypertension

Average weight loss of 22 pounds


Provide Proactive Care

Increased visibility into patient health from the clinical perspective allow patients to receive care faster, lowering readmissions and hospitalizations

Improve Patient Adherence

Experience improvements in patient accountability and adherence, by directly tackling SDoH and health equity challenges

Identify At-Risk Patients

With more data readily available, at-risk patients can be identified with trends

Support for Your Team and Patients

Vive RPM offers toll-free technical support and numerous resources for patient and clinical team education

A Clinical Telehealth Program Designed by Providers
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What Vive RPM Offers

Vive RPM offers a suite of connected medical devices, a mobile application for patients to improve adherence, and a care team dashboard providing full visibility into patient health