Vive Precision Cellular Connectivity Powered by Stel

devices connection

Standard Vive Precision devices require the use of our app and Bluetooth connection for data transference. Many patients can navigate and benefit from this system. However, older and low-income patients may lose the advantage of remote patient monitoring due to a lack of access or knowledge surrounding technology.

Thanks to the Stel Hub device, patients can now easily transfer their health data without the need for smart devices. Each device is preconfigured to instantly transfer the measurements to their healthcare provider. Patients no longer require strong literacy, mobile apps, or even smartphones to update their medical data. 

 Each patient will receive a Vive device and a Stel Hub so they can take measurements straight from the box. Confusion and complications are bypassed because the data is directly trasnmitted to the Vive RPM portal or EMRs. Now, many more patients can have access to improved medical treatment, and doctors can more easily monitor their patients.