Remote Patient Monitoring FAQ

Vive RPM is a remote patient monitoring platform that improves clinical outcomes for patients and increases revenue for practitioners. Vive RPM includes Vive Precision monitoring devices, a patient mobile app and care team portal which displays collected patient data. Under the new Remote Patient Monitoring program, practitioners who utilized remote patient monitoring platforms now qualify for Medicare reimbursement. As part of our Vive RPM platform, providers are reimbursed for the setup, hardware, and service costs, as well as ongoing review of patient data. Eligible Medicare patients may receive devices at no cost.

Remote patient monitoring is a form of digital health that allows patient to share their vitals information with a doctor or care team member from the comfort of their home.

Eligible patients will use an RPM device, such as a blood pressure monitor, to take vitals readings without needing to come to the office. Our connected Vive Precision devices work with our Vive Precision mobile application, available on iOS and Android. Once connected with the app, the measurements are automatically transferred to your care team portal for review.

Vive Precision devices are available for eligible patients and can be purchased by the physician or care team. The devices can be sent directly to the patients’ homes as well.