CPT Code Reimbursement

Number of Patients per Month:

My First Month Revenue $

My Monthly Revenue After First Month $

My Revenue per Year $

CPT Code Reimbursement Amount Description Billing Frequency My Revenue
99453 $19 Initial set-up and patient education of the monitoring device One Time $
99454 $56 Monthly remote monitoring with daily recordings from the connected device Monthly $
99457 $50 Monitoring and treatment of the patient for at least 20 minutes throughout the month (phone call, visit, etc.) Monthly $
99458 $41 Each additional 20 minutes of monitoring and services provided** (This typically applies to 10% of monitored patients) Monthly $
99091 $56 Collection and interpretation of physiologic data that is digitally transmitted to the qualified healthcare professional for review. This requires a minimum of 30 minutes of time. Monthly $

Frequently Asked Questions About CPT Codes

Before starting an RPM program, it’s important to note the following:

  1. Which vitals monitoring devices can be used for an RPM program?
    • Blood pressure monitor
    • Pulse oximeter
    • Glucose monitor
    • Thermometer
    • Heart rate monitor
    • Spirometer
    • Weight scale
  2. Do the CPT codes reimburse for the cost of the vitals monitoring device?
    • No. However, the reimbursement amount for the CPT codes is generally enough to cover the cost of the monitoring devices. If you have questions about the specific device costs, please reach out to our Digital Health Team.