Medication Monitoring Powered by Medsense Health

medsense health

Medsense Health uses Bluetooth sensors and a cloud-based application to monitor medication adherence and provide smart alerts and reporting for patients, families, and providers.

With sensors that attach to any type of medication container, Medsense converts prescription bottles, supplement bottles, inhalers, pill organizers, eye droppers, vials, tubes, and creams into smart devices. Real-time adherence data is streamed to the cloud by Medsense Health’s WiFi or Cellular Hub.

Medsense Health works out of the box and without any pairing. All patients have to do is take their medications as they have been and Medsense Health will send smart alerts, notifications, and therapy response surveys depending on their adherence. Patients can choose how they would like to interact with the Medsense Health platform including text messages, telephone calls, app notifications, or voice-enabled services such as Alexa.

For clinicians, Medsense Health provides a digital dashboard to fulfill the requirements of Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) which includes detailed adherence reports supplemented with patient survey data and real-time IoT device status and alerts.