The shift toward value based care is allowing patients to receive the care they deserve, inside and outside of the four walls.

Vive Fit is helping with injury recovery and keeping patients motivated to exercise, with varying levels of exercises

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Fitness at All Levels

Look to improve overall health with exercise videos guided by professionals.

From low intensity exercises for beginners, to more moderate cardio workouts, there is a workout for everyone.

Injury Rehabilitation

Injuries can prevent an individual from proper exercise, impacting their health.

Follow licensed physical therapists and other professionals to alleviate short term pain all the way through strengthening and injury prevention for most major injuries.

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Nutrition and Diet Tips

Nutrition and diet play a pivotal role in an individual’s health, but it can be difficult to understand what the best information is.

Educate your patients with Vive’s nutritional videos led by industry experts.

Peripherals for a Wellness Program

Lower readmissions, earn
additional income, and improve
patient outcomes

At Vive RPM, our goal is to help value-based organizations and
physicians deliver better care to those in need.

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